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(Disclaimers: This article contains spoilers. Turn back now if you wish to avoid spoilers in the article, this article was originally split into three but I have combined them into one after completing the final part. Also note that I have renamed characters in the playthroughs I took the screenshots from.)


In Final Fantasy IX there are dozens of secrets from cameo appearances to achievable events. As a huge fan of Final Fantasy IX I have played through the game many times and I enjoy hunting for secrets within the game each time. I have decided to create articles about game secrets and this one is my first. In this article I will go into detail about cameos, events, quests, and other secrets within the game. Please be aware before you continue through the article that there will be spoilers and that if you read on it is at your own risk. The article is intended for use by those who are interested in finding these secrets in the game or simply seeing what you have missed. If you are new to the game and do not wish to see parts of the game which you have not played through I recommend completing the game before you continue reading. If you have decided to continue reading then I hope you will enjoy seeing all of the secrets of Final Fantasy IX. Also note that all screen shots used in the article are taken from the Steam version but many of these secrets are also in the original PlayStation version of the game. The secrets will be in order based on where it can be discovered in the game’s time line. If you enjoy videogame secrets please have a look at Otaku Aniverse for more game secret articles in the future.

The Chocobo Statue

At the start of the game after you defeat Baku the members of Tantalus go into another room  to begin discussing how they will kidnap Princess Garnet. If you look on the shelves at the bottom left corner of the room there is a chocobo figure. While this one doesn’t seem easy to miss it seems people tend to look it over due to the focus being on the characters as they plot to kidnap the princess. This one isn’t a very important secret since you can not do anything with the chocobo figure but there are probably many fans who would wish there was actually a real figure like it. For gamers who are new to Final Fantasy IX it is a great way to get an early look at what the chocobos look like in the game before eventually gaining the chocobo further into the first disc.


Ruby Enters

In the same room in which you will see the chocobo statue the Tantalus gang goes over their plans to kidnap Princess Garnet during the big performance. After a bit of dialogue you will be prompted to make a choice between two different answers. The answers are “That’s when I kidnap Queen Brahne, right?” or “That’s when I kidnap Princess Garnet, right?” If you select Queen Brahne continuously you will trigger an event in which the character Ruby walks in and intervenes. Be aware that if you attempt to trigger the event it takes somewhere around 60-65 clicks on the incorrect answer. Once you trigger the event you cannot trigger it again since Ruby stays in the room after she walks in. At this point there is nothing else to do during the conversation but select the correct answer and move on to the next part of the game.


King of Jump Rope

After the story turns over to Vivi you get the opportunity to wander the streets of Alexandria where there are numerous secrets such as hidden items and mini games. One of the most important is the jump roping mini game which takes place just outside of the inn the first time. This mini game will also be available later in the game but you find the girls in a different spot. You can win prizes for reaching certain numbers of successful jumps and of course the prizes get better the higher the number. Many of the prizes are cards but if you choose to continue to one thousand jumps you will get the key item “King of Jump Rope” which is one of the most difficult key items to get in the game due to the tough requirements to win it. What makes this mini game so difficult is the significant speed increase of the rope as you continue to make successful jumps. Luckily, you can try the jump roping mini game again much later in the game if you prefer to try it with Eiko instead of Vivi. Remember that the only characters that can play the jump roping mini game are Eiko and Vivi so you must have one of the two characters in your party in order to play the mini game.


Remembering Cloud and Squall

During the performance of “I Want to be Your Canary” the character Marcus recites the line “No cloud, no squall shall hinder us”. The line is a reference to the characters Cloud from Final Fantasy VII and Squall from Final Fantasy VIII. Due to both character’s names being weather related  it was simple enough for Square Enix to throw in but the way it was done is very clever. This a reference that only fans who have played the previous two games in the series would get.


Remembering the White Mage Class

While Zidane is chasing Princess Garnet we get to see her in the traditional Final Fantasy white mage outfit. In the earlier Final Fantasy titles such as Final Fantasy V there are different classes and the white mage class one of the earliest available classes alongside the black mage which has a similar outfit to the character Vivi. There are also enemies throughout the game that are similar to ones from earlier games in the Final Fantasy series.



Sprays of Cold Mist

The sprays of mist in the ice cavern are areas in which there are set battles. If you walk into the sprays of mist you will be forced into battles which are considered special battles although the enemies are very basic and the music is the same as it is in basic battles. In the steam version if you activate the skip battle camera it will not work during battles with monsters encountered within the mist in the cavern. If you wish to avoid those battles without use of no encounter mode then do your best to avoid those sprays of mist throughout the entire cavern.


Fire and Ice

In the Ice Cavern there are five spots in which you can use Vivi’s fire magic to manipulate the icy structures. There are three walls that you can melt down to reveal treasure chests one of the chests will contain elixir which is rare early in the game. The first wall is on the right hand side as you enter the second part of the Ice Cavern.  The second Wall is located toward the top center of the third part of the cavern. The final wall is on the left side of the fourth part of the cavern and reveals a slope that leads to a treasure chest. The pillar of ice that leads to two chest on the lower right hand side of the third part of the cavern can be melted to reach the chest on the lower platform. Finally, there is a frozen moogle in the left hand room where the path makes a Y.


(Note: I renamed Vivi to Esper)


The Friendly Monsters

Once you exit through the top of the Ice Cavern you can travel the land around the outside of the cavern freely. If you walk around without the no encounter mode on you will have the chance to enter a battle with the very first friendly monster the friendly Mu. The friendly monsters will ask for different things in exchange for AP and items but they also serve another purpose. The friendly monsters will be very important if you want an easier battle with the side boss Ozma later in the game. You can attack the friendly monster but there is no point to doing so since they will just run away. You get far more out of giving the friendly monsters what they request in exchange for AP and eventually an easier battle against Ozma.

Morrid and the Mini Prima Vista

After you enter Dali village and rest at the inn the party will split up and wander around town. During this you can get the Active Time Events to see what each of the other characters are doing. If you view the Active Time Event for Steiner you will see him talking to the girl working the small restaurant. After helping the girl with work he asks her about a way to leave the village and return to Alexandria and he is directed to the observatory where Morrid lives to get more information. In the next Active Time Event for Steiner you will have a chance to talk to Morrid and take the treasure around the observatory. If you follow Morrid into his home he will tell you about the cargo ship which is the only way out. After he is finished speaking examine the miniature of the Prima Vista Theatre Ship and talk to him. He will offer to give you the mini Prima Vista if you can bring him three rare types of coffee. The quest cannot be completed until later in the game.


The First Stellazio, Aries

As you travel around the village you can enter the windmill which is the last building in the row on the left side. After entering the windmill look around and you will find the Aries stellazio coin hidden in the back of the room. This will be the first stellazio coin out of a total of thirteen. You might be tempted to check out the door on the right hand side of the room or go up the ladder but you cannot do anything with those until much later in the game.


The Mist Room

When you enter the underground area of the windmill to rescue Vivi you will eventually be led to a room with strange machines that run using mist. After Vivi rejoins the party you can explore the room  before moving forward. If you open the large doors mist will begin to flow out and monsters will appear. If you enter the room where the mist is coming from there are a few treasure chests. If you have the no encounter mode activated in the Steam version then you will not have to worry about the monsters coming from the mist in the room.

The History of Cid

Upon finally reaching Lindblum castle your characters finally get to meet with Regent Cid the ruler of Lindblum. The name Cid has long been used throughout the Final Fantasy but the first instance was in Final Fantasy II. The most memorable character with the name Cid is the one from Final Fantasy VII. All of the characters with the name Cid have one common trait which is their knack for creating and piloting airships throughout the entire series. Since the creation of the original Cid many of the titles in the main series has had a character of the same name.

The Moogle Suit and the Tantalus Hangout

Once you are able to wander around Lindblum you can travel freely between the three districts using the aircabs. If you choose to visit the Theatre District there are a few possible events. I recommend going down the steps to the area where all of the fangirls are to trigger an event in which a famous star comes out to greet the fans then after he leaves a person in moogle suit runs out of the theatre. After this event go back up to the first area outside of the aircab station and go into the building. You will find out that the person in the moogle suit is the famous star from earlier. He will give you something in return for keeping it a secret then if you look around you will find the moogle suit which is a key item. After you are done wandering around Lindlum you can visit the tantalus hangout which is also in the theatre district. After entering the hangout two children will enter after you and begin talking to you about being members of Tantalus. After the scene with the two children you can gather all of the treasure in the room.

The Festival of the Hunt

After finding Princess Garnet near the telescope at the top of Lindblum castle you will meet up with the others to begin the Festival of the Hunt. Any of the three members of your party that have entered can win. If you want Zidane to win just continue to get as many points as you can and defeat the Zaghnol. If you want Freya to win then avoid rescuing Vivi from the Fang that chases him and try to get a very low point count. If you want Vivi to win then save him from the Fang then in the fight against the Zaghnol have Freya and Zidane knock each other out. Each of the characters will have their own prize along with the Master Hunter key item. There is a Steam achievement for getting Vivi to win the Festival of the Hunt but not for Zidane or Freya.

Ragtime Mouse

After being alerted that Burmecia is under attack your characters decide to set out to check out the situation. While things are being prepared for the trip Princess Garnet slips sleeping weed into the food so she can escape with Steiner and return to Alexandria to confront her mother. After waking up and seeing that the princess is gone everyone decides to continue onward to Burmecia. Once you are able to leave Lindblum through the Dragon’s Gate you can wander freely outside. If you wander around in the bushes without the no encounter mode off you can encounter a strange friendly enemy known as the Ragtime Mouse. The Ragtime Mouse will give you a quiz each time and if you answer correct there are some really good rewards.

Wandering Outside

Other important places to stop by are Qu’s Marsh, Chocobo’s Forest, and the South Gate near Chocobo’s Forrest. If you go into Qu’s Marsh you can catch a frog for the character Quina then you can recruit her to your party. If you go into the area with the frogs you can play a mini game with Quina which gives prizes based on the number of frogs you catch. Afterwards you can head east on the map to a round forest. If you enter you will be greeted by a moogle and the chocobo will run away. The moogle will give you an item to catch the chocobo then you can use the chocobo freely. If you go back into the forest you can play a game of Chocobo Hot and Cold. You can get rare items and find Chocographs which lead to valuable treasures throughout the world. There are so many important side quests surrounding the chocobo such as the Ozma side boss quest and the mognet central quest.  While wandering around the chocobo forest why not look around for the nearby South Gate where you can find the Moccha Coffee for the Theatre Ship Model side quest.

(This screenshot was taken later in the game)

Bells and Moogles

After wandering around the map and going to the previously mentioned places you can move on to Gizamaluke’s Grotto. After entering you will find many of the soldiers who were guarding the place nearly dead after being attacked by Black Mages. One of the soldiers will hand you a bell which is necessary for opening the doors throughout the grotto but each bell will break after use. To get access all of the rooms I used the bell I received after defeating the black mages on the door to the left. Go through the door and collect another bell from the soldier laying wounded on the far right side of the path. You can use the bell you received from the soldier on the door to the right this time and collect all the treasure on the way to the room with the giant bell. In this room you will have to save the moogle to get the next bell from the treasure chest under the giant bell. Use that bell on the room to the right of the giant bell and speak to the moogles. As you attempt to leave the room the moogles will give you another bell to use on the door to the left of the giant bell. Later in the game when you get more kupo nuts you can give them  to the moogle family in exchange for other items. Also note that the first soldier has a second bell which you can loot from his body if you feel the urge to open every last door in Gizamaluke’s Grotto.

Braving the Danger

In the same room as the moogles there will be a vine that you can climb up to get to a plateau with some forest land. The moogles will tell you that it is dangerous which it is at this point in the game but if you are feeling brave go ahead since there are few important things up there. On the plateau there are Grand Dragons and a bird-like creature called a Garuda. If you wander around in the forest areas you can find a friendly Garuda but beware of the regular Garudas which will be very tough this early in the game. The Grand Dragons can be found outside of the forest areas but be aware that they are one of the most powerful basic enemies in the entire game. The best way to fight them early in the game is to equip items that reduce damage from lightning attacks. If you are brave enough to fight them and you are lucky enough to win you will get a lot of experience points and AP. The Grand Dragons and Garudas are great for leveling up fast early in the game if you know the right way to fight them.

Burmecia’s missable treasure and the Stellazio Cancer

After entering Burmecia look off to the left side for a tipped over cart to find the stellazio Cancer. Upon entering the next area you will be stopped by the jesters Zorn and Thorn who send more mages after you. After defeating the mages go straight to the right and up the stairs into the building. Go up the steps and through the doorway upstairs. After going through the doorway you will see a large door that cannot be opened so continue to the left and you will enter another building. Notice that there is a plank leading to a treasure chest but it is not very stable and you must be careful how you walk across it. The trick is to run into the wall as you cross the plank then you will finally be able to reach the treasure chest that can often seem unreachable. Be sure to let it fall after you get the treasure so you can progress through Burmecia.


Stiltzkin the Traveling Moogle

As the characters continue to travel the world you will have multiple chances to meet the traveling moogle Stiltzkin. When you talk to Stilzkin he will ask if you would to buy some items from him so he can continue his journey around the world. The first place you will be able to buy items from him will be in Burmecia in the same room as the save moogle. He will not walk into the room until you go behind the save moogle and take the treasure. Even if you do not buy one set of items from him you will still encounter him journeying around the world and you will have the chance to buy the next set of items from him. Later in the game he will sell rare gems such as the emerald, diamond, and moonstone which there are few opportunities to get in the game.

Special Dialogue: Princess Garnet Visits Dali Village

After completing the events in Burmecia you will switch over to Princess Garnet and Steiner as they attempt to make their way back to Alexandria Castle to speak to the queen. After getting past the gate and fighting the broken Black Waltz you reach the station leading to a split path. On the split path you have the option to go right straight to Treno or you can take a moment to go left and revisit Dali Village which has changed a bit since the beginning of the game. After entering the village you will get a special dialogue from Princess Garnet which you can only get if you visit Dali at this time with Garnet in your party. This is also a great opportunity to go back through for any treasures you might have missed the first time.


Treno and the Stellazio

Garnet, Steiner, and Marcus are finally able to reach Treno in search of the item Super Soft before making their way to the castle. During your visit here there will be two stellazio to collect. First is the Gemini stellazio which is in the fountain to the left as soon as you enter. In order to collect Gemini from the fountain you must throw in a specific number of coins which can be a bit tiring but it’s worth it if you want to get the items from the stellazio collector and eventually find the secret thirteenth stellazio. The other stellazio in Treno is in the small market area if you down the ladder. Go behind the store and search around to find the stellazio Taurus. You can choose to go to the stellazio collector in Treno and collect the rewards now or wait until you have collected all 12 original coins. After turning all of the stellazio in the collector will return all of the coins you turned in for rewards so you can use the hints on them to find the secret thirteenth stellazio known as Ophiuchus.


Treno’s Weapon Shop Monsters

There are many things to do in Treno including fighting the monsters at the weapon shop or bidding on auctions at the auction house. If you talk to the weapon shop master you can either buy and sell items or you can send one of your characters into the giant cage to fight the massive monsters. There will be a single monster in the cage each time but the shop will only get a new monster each disc. Once you defeat a monster the cage will be empty until the next disc. In the Steam version there is a trophy associated with winning against the Behemoth in the weapon shop on the fourth disc using Princess Garnet. After defeating each monster you will receive a prize. The prizes aren’t amazing but they can still be quite useful especially if you choose to play through the game the old fashioned way.

Treno Auctions and Buyers

You will also have the option to stop by the auction house to bid on rare key items and powerful equipment. There are many key items which you can only get by winning them at the auction house including Une’s mirror and Doga’s artifact which give you something special later in the game. Throughout Treno there will be several people who will ask to buy certain rare auction items from you but don’t be alarmed if you accidentally sell them. You can get those items again from the auction house after you sell the ones in your key item inventory.  Later in the game someone from Daguerro will ask you for the key item known as the magical fingertip but I’ll explain that quest more later since you cannot get it until disk four.

Saving the Cleyrans

After reaching Cleyra you begin to learn about the sandstorm that has protected Cleyra for a very long time. Strange things begin to happen such as the usually peaceful antlion becoming violent. The antlion foreshadows the events leading up to the disappearance of the sandstorm and ultimately the destruction of Cleyra. After fighting the antlion the Cleyrans prepare for their ritual which is said to strengthen the sand storm that grants them protection from enemies. During their ritual the strings of the harp adorned with a magical stone begin to snap and the sandstorm disappears. After checking for enemies at the trunk the characters realize that it was a trick and they quickly run back up to find black mages attacking the town. During this time you must lead the Cleyrans and Burmecian survivors to safety. The correct order for the directions to take are right, left, and right. When they ask if they are safe yet respond with not yet then you will continue to the cathedral.

(This is one of my favorite parts of the game)

Ramuh’s Story Pieces

After rescuing Princess Garnet from the Queen who planned to execute her you make your escape from Alexandria Castle with Zidane, Garnet, and ViVi while the others stay and hold the queen back. While escaping on the gargant a gigantic snake-like monster chases the gargant and it crashes into Pinnacle Rocks which is near Lindblum. You meet the summon Ramuh but he gives Garnet a challenge in order to become her summon. You must search for the five pieces of a story and put them together in the correct order. The correct order is Beginning, Cooperation, Silence, then either Hero or Human for the fourth and final part of the story.

Path to the Outer Continent

The characters must find a secret passage to the Outer Continent since they cannot use an airship or boat until later. You are led to Qu’s Marsh where Quina rejoins the party to help you search for the passage. As you search through the marsh Quina begins to smell frogs and wanders off onto a hidden path which happens to be the passage to the Outer Continent. After escaping the bounty hunter Lani you reach the mining area and find a miner who helps explain the way out. You must use the switches throughout the excavation site to manipulate the direction the gargant takes. The switch order is switch no.1, switch no.2, switch no.1, then switch no.3 to exit to the Outer Continent. Be sure to collect all of the treasure and mine as much as you want before leaving. You might not be able to return later to collect anything you missed once you leave. Note that there is a Steam achievement for obtaining a Madain’s ring during mining.

Black Mage Village Path and Stellazio

After talking to the villagers at Conde Petie You find out that they have been trading with black mages that have escaped the queen and Kuja to create their own village. To reach the village you must follow a certain path to get to the black mage village. The directions are simpler than they seem since you just need to follow the signs that say there are no owls until you catch up with one of the mages who reveals the village. After reaching the village the mages immediately go into hiding. This is a good opportunity to look around for treasure especially the stellazio Virgo. You can find the Virgo stellazio inside of the Inn if you look over by the beds.


Conde Petie Mountain Path Stones

Along the Conde Petie path there will be four stones which allow you to collect the moonstone from the statue that holds all of the stones. The red stone is at the beginning of the mountain path if you go to the right and climb the vine and go left. To reach the blue stone go back where you found Eiko then climb up the vine and go to the right. The Yellow stone is around the area where you fight the giant. Finally, the green stone is on the lower path towards the exit. After collecting all of the stones you can go back to where the moogles are and take the side path to the right to find the statue that gives you a moonstone. Also while you are wandering the mountain path you will get another chance to buy items from the traveling moogle Stiltzkin.


Madain Sari Stellazio, cooking, and Kirman coffee

After finally getting through the mountain path the characters travel to Eiko’s home known as Madain Sari. Madain Sari was home to a power tribe of summoners but now Eiko is the only one remaining at the village. Madain Sari will have many secrets to unveil at this point and later in the game. For now you can collect the stellazio, search for the treasure chests, and help Eiko cook for her new friends. After Zidane and Eiko finish talking near the destroyed fountain you will be able to wander around and search for treasure. The stellazio Libra can be found by the fountain where you speak to Eiko. If you continue wandering around you will get a few different ATEs to view including the ones that allow you to see Eiko cooking. Be sure to view them if you want to play the mini game which allows you to decide how Eiko cooks. In order for her to make a flawless dinner have Chimomo do the fishing and have Mocha dig up potatoes. Be sure to make enough for eleven people, do not add the oglop to the stew, and finally allow Quina to help. After the meal you can wander around Eiko’s house and collect the Kirman coffee for the mini Prima Vista quest. The Kirman coffee is on the patio off to the side of the table with bread on it.


Carbuncle and Fenrir

Just like Garnet the character Eiko can use summons during battle but she only starts with the summon Fenrir. Later after convincing her to open the seal on the Iifa tree she gains the summon Carbuncle. Both Fenrir and Carbuncle are very special summons that can change depending on the accessories you equip Eiko with. For Fenrir you can change his attack from Terrestrial Rage to Millennial Decay by equipping Maiden Prayer. You cannot obtain Maiden Prayer until you visit Ipsen’s Castle later in the game. Carbuncle has several different attacks based on which gem you equip to Eiko’s accessory slot. If you equip a diamond Ruby Light will change to Diamond light which will cast vanish on all party members. If you equip an emerald it will change to Emerald Light which casts haste on all party members. Finally, if you equip a moonstone the attack will change to Pearl light which casts protect on all party members. The gem on Carbuncle’s head will change color depending on which gem is equipped. These are the only two summons in which you can change their attacks.


Alexandria- Mini Games and Cards in the Bell Tower

After finishing the hectic battle at the Iifa Tree and witnessing the death of Queen Brahne you are brought back once again to Alexandria. This time there are more mini games and treasures to uncover in Alexandria. While you wander the city as Vivi you can race against Hippaul for the key item Athlete Queen as well as attempt to hit one thousand jumps in the jump roping mini game for the key item King of Jump Rope. The racing mini game is only available while you control Vivi at this part of the game. Once you get control of Zidane again you will be unable to play the mini game. The jump roping mini game will be available until Alexandria is destroyed but will be available again permanently after you leave Terra with the Invincible. During this part of the game you can also go to the bell tower and collect the hidden stash of cards to add to your card collection. They can come in handy for the next part of the game when you go back to Treno for a card tournament. Before you go to see princess garnet stop by the left guard tower and go into the room to the left where you can find the Leo stellazio.


Treno- Amarant’s and Vivi’s ATEs

As you wander around Treno before entering the card tournament you will have the option to view the ATEs that pop up. Some of these ATEs will give you a look into some of the character’s pasts. Amarant’s ATE gives a small amount of detail regarding Amarant and Zidane’s history and why Amarant holds a grudge against Zidane. Vivi’s details how he was able to make it to Alexandria for the theater performance at the beginning of the game as well as where he is from. The ATEs are not important to the plot but they are great to view if you are curious about the character’s history before the beginning of the game.


Quan’s Dwelling- History and Scorpio

If you follow the huge string of forest area right outside of Treno you will eventually reach a cave by a small clearing. The place is known as Quan’s Dwelling which was Vivi’s home before the start of the game. There are many things to do here both at this point and later in the game. For now you can collect the treasures including the Scorpio stellazio. Scorpio is located near the restoring spring after you climb down.


Mayor’s Key and Burman Coffee

During the visit to Treno for the cart tournament is the only chance for you to go back to Dali and get the mayor’s key from his home. His house also holds other rare items which you can steal for yourself. The trick is to keep checking one section if the guy sleeping seems to be waking up then when he is sound asleep check another part of the room. Once you find the key you can unlock the door inside the mill. The door leads to the chocobo holding area where you can find a treasure and the Burman coffee. The Burman coffee is under the treasure chest if you check it again. This is the final coffee needed to turn in the quest for the mini Prima Vista. To turn in the quest go to the observatory right outside of Dali and talk to Morrid. The mini Prima Vista will show up at the Tantalus hangout in Lindblum when you go back to visit.


Secret Boss- Tantarian

After the card tournament everyone in Treno gets the news that Alexandria is under attack by Kuja. The party heads back to Alexandria to rescue Princess Garnet but she is currently at the top of the castle. Once you arrive at the castle you can wander around inside of the castle and help with evacuation. If you go to the area at the bottom of the steps where the knights assembled earlier then go left you will enter the library. In the library room search around the shelves to find the mini boss Tantarian.


Lindblum Potions and Sagittarius

After rescuing Garnet everyone ends up back in Lindblum to go over their plans to find Kuja. During this time you will be asked by the regent to collect potions to turn him back into a human. The three potions are beautiful potion, strange potion, and unusual potion. The strange potion is inside of the painter’s studio in the theater district. The unusual potion can be found at the Tantalus hangout where you receive it from Cinna. The beautiful potion belongs to item shop owner Alice if you go to the shopping area of the business district. While you are in the business district you can also find the Sagittarius stellazio in the dirt clearing to the left of the pickle cart.


Chocobo’s Lagoon

Once you get the Blue Narciss you can go anywhere that has a beach including the small green islands off to the left of the Forgotten Continent. The string of islands to the far bottom left of the map lead to Chocobo’s lagoon. If you have the blue chocobo then you can get of the boat on one of the islands with chocobo foot prints and walk through shallow water to Chocobo’s Lagoon. Just like the forest there will be chocographs to dig up in a game of Chocobo Hot and Cold.


The Forgotten Continent and Oielvert

There are many mysteries and hidden treasures on the Forgotten Continent from strange structures to chocograph treasures. While you are on the Forgotten Continent you will be able to gather the chocograph treasures and if you have the dead peppers and a red colored chocobo you will be able to gather valuable treasures hidden in cracks in the cliff walls. Once you are ready you can head towards the strange looking and historic Oielvert which holds many ancient secrets. While you are in Oielvert there will be several puzzles that just take a little trial and error. There will be many valuable treasures to gather here before you go down to gather the Gulug Stone.


Kuja’s Castle

While Zidane’s group is out searching for the Gulug stone the remaining party members must find a way to escape there cells. Regent Cid is the only one who can save them and goes to reset the hour glass that controls the cells but he must first get past the monster. You must make sure he only takes steps when the monster is not looking. Once you reach the weights puzzle you must choose the ones labeled clay, stone, and iron then it the others will be set free. They must still find a way out of the castle itself now but there is an enemy waiting ahead and they must light all the candles and collect the blood stones to weaken it. After Zidane returns and the others make it out of the castle Kuja will take the Gulug stone and Eiko then leave. Now you can explore the room freely and find the rare Namingway card which will allow you to rename characters later in the game after you receive an airship or flying chocobo.


Mount Gulug

Mount Gulug in Final Fantasy IX is a homage to a similarly named area in Final Fantasy I. The place is filled with fire element enemies and is also home to a strange race of mole people. Mount Gulug has many rooms filled with treasures and you will meet a few moogles here that are necessary for the Mognet Central side quest. You will also run into powerful dragons occasionally as you search the run down buildings and also when you go to the bottom of the well to rescue Eiko.

New Airship and Dagguero

After Cid is turned back into a human he is able to finally complete the new airship and Zidane and his crew set out in it to reach Ipsen’s Castle. Before heading to the Castle you can use the ship to head west just of the side of the Forgotten Continent. Somewhere in the stretch of green islands there will be one that has a place that was previously unreachable. This new place is known as Dagguero. You will be able to find the stellazio Capricorn here as well as exchange ore for some aquamarines, Find out your treasure hunter rank, rename characters, synthesize rare items, and buy new equipment. Capricorn can be found in the main room if you go to the path going down into the water on the right hand side. Some things in Dagguero cannot be accessed until you fix the water pressure. To fix the pressure go to the right and use the elevator up then go to through the doorway to the left and search for a pedestal with a button and press it. Head back down to the main room then enter the room to the left and speak to the Cleyran then use the levers to lower the far left pedestal and examine the hole behind the pedestal. Pick up the staff and put it in the hole. After that you will be able to use the weapon shop and use the Leviathan statue to exchange ore for aquamarines.

Chocobo side quests

After getting the airship you can now continue searching for the chocograph treasures that will eventually give your chocobo the ability to fly. After gaining the ability to fly the chocobo will be able to access the Sky Garden, Chocobo’s Paradise, and Mognet Central. The Sky Garden is home to a powerful and dangerous side boss known as Ozma. If you encountered all of the friendly monsters and gave them what they requested they will make the battle easier by allowing you to use physical attacks against it but if you have not you will need to be high level and use ranged characters. I highly recommend using Eiko with phoenix pinion equipped to her accessory slot so Phoenix might come to the rescue when all four of your party members are KO’d. Be sure to equip items that give you immunity to shadow and holy damage in particular and be sure to use any abilities that prevent status effects. Freya will also be useful if you fought enough dragons to make her Dragon’s Crest attack do maximum damage. Amarant’s throw ability and revive are also very useful if you choose to add him to the party. You will receive another pumice piece from Ozma which will allow you to create the pumice stone for the summon Ark. The pieces can be put together by the ultimate synthesist once you have four.

(I used Zidane, Eiko, Vivi, and Amarant. This is the start of the Phoenix summon

if all party members are knocked out)


Ipsen’s Castle and Ancient Aroma

In Ipsen’s castle you can find many treasures but many of them aren’t easy to find and in some cases aren’t easy to reach. First of all since everything is backwards here be sure to equip all of your weakest weapons before you go up the steps into the castle. You can find the Stellazio Aquarius on the right hand side as soon as you enter the first hallway. The next room is full of trap doors that lead to treasures but some will have to wait until after you complete your goal here. After you reach the room that gives you hints on how to break the seal to Terra you can go back through for the remaining treasures. If you want to open the door that leads back out to the first hall you can exit the room where you found the mirrors and go down to the bottom right and interact with the door. In this order push, pound, think, push, try something drastic, then rest. You can now go back and use the trap doors to get the other treasures. You will also be able to access the strange room with a large sword with electricity flowing around it. In this room you can solve the flower pot puzzle to get the item ancient aroma which allows Odin to deal damage to enemies he can not kill. You just have to move the flower pots counter clockwise a few times.

Pisces and the Secret Stellazio

The last of the original twelve Stellazio is the coin Pisces found within the Invincible after you take it during the destruction of Terra. After collecting it head to Treno and turn it in for the reward then speak to her again to gain all of the coins back after mentioning a thirteenth coin. Head back to Quan’s Dwelling and go to the spot where you found the Stellazio Scorpio and examine the spot for the final Stellazio named Ophiuchus. If you choose to give all thirteen to Queen Stella she will give you a Cinna’s Hammer. Cinna’s Hammer cannot be used by any party members as equipment but it can be used to synthesize armor at the ultimate synthesist or it can give you an extra scene at the end of the game.

Garnet and the Secret of the Summon Wall

After obtaining the Invincible return to Madain Sari with Garnet in your party and attempt to speak with Lani. After she runs away leave then return without Garnet, Eiko, or Amarant and try to talk to her again a few times. She will tell you that there is something in the small room behind her. Go into the room and click around the far back of the room to read a hidden message then go to the Summon Wall. Walk to the right until you hear a chime then walk in a circle in the opposite direction until you hear a chime then repeat nine times. You should hear a chime each time before you get a notice that all HP/MP has recovered. After being healed go around and read all of the writings once then go back to the mural of Ifrit and search for a new writing. Garnet’s real name and her mother’s name are both found in this writing.


Ultimate Weapons

Each of the characters will have an ultimate weapon which you can acquire in the game. The easiest ones to find are acquired through using dead peppers on the chocobo. The weapon Dragon’s Hair for Freya can be found in a crack located around the center of the Forgotten Continent close to the water on the left. You will just need to use a dead pepper in front of the crack while you are on the chocobo. The item Ultima Weapon for Zidane is found right where the Shimmering Island used to be. Stand in the center on the chocobo and use a dead pepper to collect the Ultima Weapon. Whale Whisker is Garnet’s strongest weapon and can be found using the chocograph titled “Ocean”.The prize for catching 99 frogs is unsurprisingly Quina’s ultimate weapon the Gastro Fork but you’ll need a lot of patience for this one. The Angel Flute for Eiko can be found in Memoria where the image of Alexandria Castle is. The Rune Claw is located to the left side before you go up the steps leading to the giant glowing red eye in Memoria. Vivi’s ultimate weapon can be found on the lower platform leading up to Litch in Memoria. And the final ultimate weapon can be retrieved in the room where you fight Litch only if you get there within twelve hours of starting the game. The final ultimate weapon is Steiner’s Exclibur II and it is the hardest to get.

Hades the Ultimate Synthesist

When you reach Memoria you will be able to synthesize some of the rarest items in the game with Hades after you defeat him. He can be found hidden to the right side just as you enter the underwater area of Memoria. You will be able to synthesize Save the Queen, Tin Armor, and a pumice stone as well as a number of other rare items. Save the Queen does not have any use and does not give any bonus ending sequences as it is simply for collecting. Cinna’s Hammer is needed to create the tin armor but if you choose not to use it you will get an extra scene with Cinna at the end of the game.

That is it for Final Fantasy IX Hints and Secrets. I only added hints and secrets that I have discovered during my play throughs of the game but if there are any that I missed let me know and I will find and add them. 


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