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Gun Grave – DVD 3 – Undead War

An army of zombies begins a war against Millennion. Harry struggles to kill the undead while Brandon infiltrates enemy headquarters to put an end to the necrolyzed humans' attacks. With the zombie war over, Harry resumes his ambitions for power and love, while Brandon has creates his own sweeper team called True Grave and tries to focus forgetting his feelings for Maria. In the middle of turmoil, Big Daddy makes a significant decision.

The third Gun Grave DVD contains four episodes:

9. Dispute – Blood War has been released from prison after committing hundreds of murders, looking for action and spill blood on to the battlefield. Blood is looking to have his group released from Volcano to going Lightning, using a new and horrifying weapon is being reviled that will turn the war against Millennion. Harry and Brandon volunteer to investigate what Blood War and Lightning are up to.

10. Conflict – Using the corpses of his dead underlings, Blood War is able to revive them using a new and horrifying technology. The seemingly unstoppable army of undead soliders has started a war in Millennion. Harry discovers a possible traitor among his ranks, and is Brandon planning on taking on the army of undead on his own

11. Heat - Brandon has shown up to take on Blood war and his army of the undead by himself, the seemingly unstoppable force does have a weakness, but can it be exploited in time? Has Harry been able to turn a possible traitor into a supporter among his ranks? As for Blood war, has he finally found the ultimate battlefield to spill blood on.

12. Kind – 3 more years have since past, Brandon Heat’s reputation has increase as the symbol of Millennium’s power, and in the same time Harry’s ambition both within in the organization as well as for Sherry Falken. With Big Daddy reaching the point of retiring, he is interested in promoting Harry and Brandon to partners and to one day succeed him, he has begun preparing them for the position.

Thus far with the Gun Grave experience the video quality has been nothing short of amazing, with the transference done from the small screen format to what was issued to me was seamless, there were no hints of a bad job done here. Each of the main story characters seemed to have there own unique style about them, from Brandon, tired often emotionless face, to Harry’s smooth charismatic yet cold persona. The audio features included with the DVD are Bilingual 5.1 Audio (English and Japanese). Also, 2 streams of English Subtitles: Dialog and signs or signs only.

As for the special features for the disc, I’ve reached the point where I don’t expect any stellar bonuses simply because they haven’t been there, for the most part it’s the same material as the previous discs, which is definitely a disappointment. As for the extra material it includes a conceptual art gallery depicting the characters in several different poses. Additional features found in the discs were, previews for upcoming Geneon releases, and a preview of the upcoming Gun Grave game for Playstation 2. The remaining bonus material featured with the disc is a small poster of Grave.

As we see in the third Gun Grave disc, as in the first and second, the story continues in Grave’s past while he was still the cold steel faced emotionless Brandon Heat, and we follow him as he grows older and more indebted with the mob. While we see his friends and associates grow with him, as to be expected in this disc, Harry’s thirst for power has only become more intensified, waiting and slowly positioning himself so that when the time is right he can take over the organization. After watching the series it’s a good form of story telling, with the occasional jump in years here and there, it still allows the viewer to find out all there is to know about the how and why characters have reached the position they have.

Another enjoyable aspect of the Gun Grave series is the short monologue by Beyond the Grave between each episode, a sort of recap of Grave’s life, questioning not only what he’s doing, but where he is and for what reason’s he has set himself down on the current path. It’s a nice touch to help bring home the idea of a series which starts at the beginning of the story and doesn’t start in the middle then jump all over the place without rime or reason.

Animation: 8 / 10
Story: 8 / 10
Audio: 8 / 10
Video: 8 / 10
Extras: 6 / 10
Impact Rating: 7 / 10

Overall 45 / 60

Matt Capranos

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