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Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus is a fun 2D action Adventure game with retro graphics and mild RPG elements. The game was previously published to Steam by LookAtMyGame early April 2015 under the title Finding Teddy II. Now that the game is set for digital release to the PlayStation 4 and the Wii U the developer has retitled it as Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus. The game will be published by Aksys Games late March 2016 as digital only via the PlayStation Store and the Nintendo eShop.  

Harmony of Exidus begins with the young heroine and her teddy bear from the first game Finding Teddy. She begins her day like any other but soon her teddy bear levitates and is once again taken to another world. The young girl goes after the teddy bear but the bear is soon stolen much like it was in the first game. She must fight her way through this a variety of worlds in order to get her teddy bear back but it is no easy task. Each world is filled with a variety of strange and monstrous enemies which she must fend off in order to progress. Each of the worlds will have their own dangerous and unique landscapes from dark forests to icy cliffs. Much like a platform game she must jump from ledge to ledge and maneuver cautiously through the retro styled terrains. While they are only helpful in solving puzzles there are friendly non player characters. Be prepared to travel back and forth a lot while attempting to solve puzzles that are important to the plot.

The game is full of many complex elements and requires a lot of time to learn even the basics of gameplay. One of the most complicated systems in the game is fact the exploration of the many unique worlds. There will be many times that you cannot progress in a world and must solve puzzles or try out another world. The exploration of the worlds is made even more difficult due to the absence of a map. This means that you must memorize the layout of the worlds as much as you can in case the game requires you to return to one. Another of the game’s difficult systems is the Musicom. The Musicom is left unexplained but is actually very vital in order to progress through the game. The Musicom is used to store the music notes spoken by the inhabitants of the world. The music notes which are stored will often need to be replayed to solve certain puzzles. While the Musicom was present in the original Finding Teddy it had been changed in the sequel. The system also requires the young girl to collect the corresponding rune stone to make it more complex. There are many more complicated systems in the game but exploration and the Musicom are by far the most complicated.

The art and animation in Chronicles of Teddy does not stand out from that of most other retro styled games but does give a feeling of nostalgia. The art is in a 16-bit retro style much like early titles from the Sonic series. Some of the art work is colorful but much of it is dull and lifeless in comparison to similar games. The animation consists of basic side scrolling movements such as jumping and attacking. There are a few character actions which are less common but similar to those of other games. The enemy movements are very obvious since each enemy follows a specific pattern which doesn’t deviate much. The art and animation is decent but does not stand out enough to make it a highlight of the gameplay.

While the game is interesting it doesn’t stand out enough to be considered one of the best but it is still a good game. The game’s systems are similar to other retro games but far more difficult and less memorable. While it doesn’t stand out I still highly recommend the game to retro fans who prefer a game that provides a feeling of nostalgia. Regrettably, the game is not enjoyable for fans who prefer something that stands out. Chronicles of Teddy will prove difficult for those who are unfamiliar to the genre due to the game’s lack of instruction. The game’s elements come together well but not in a way that brings out its full potential.


Pros: Unique Story, Variety of Worlds

Cons: Repetitive Gameplay, No Maps, Lack of Instruction

SCORE – 70%  

This review is based on a digital copy of Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus on the PlayStation 4 provided by Aksys Games.

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