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Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is an artistically unique role playing game with innovative strategic elements.  The original and the remaster were both developed and published by well-known game developer Sega. The original North American localization was released early November 2008 for the PlayStation 3 then was re-released to Steam early November 2014. The original PlayStation 3 release sold over one million copies and the Steam version has an overall rating of very good with over five thousand reviews. Valkyria Chronicles Remastered will be published late May 2016 by Sega. This remaster will be a PlayStation 4 exclusive available in both digital and physical format with all of the original DLC. Now this popular game will once again be available in physical format.

The game takes place in a fictional alternate version of Europe during a time of war between two opposing sides. The two sides have been at war with each other for quite some time but the real war begins after the Empire takes interest in a small neutral country located directly between them and their enemy the Atlantic Federation. The Empire wishes to take over the small country known as Gallia in order to obtain some of their valuable resources. As Gallia began to lose hope a small militia was put together in order to defend the country. The two most important members of the small militia are Alicia and Welkin. Alicia was originally a baker but she had to take on the role of captain of the town watch in order to keep enemy spies out of Gallia. Welkin was a college student living a simple life despite his father’s status as a war hero but he soon joins the battle to save his home. Much like the two lead heroes the rest of the squad is made of citizens who once lived normally lives but took up weapons to defend Gallia. The small militia which is comprised of a small group of misfit residents is successful in their first mission but that’s only the beginning of their battle to defend Gallia.

The game mechanics are unique and even though it has been eight years since the release of the original they remain unmatched. Unlike most Strategy role playing games Valkyria Chronicles does not rely on a closed in grid based battle system. The battle system is an inspiring mix of strategy and action which relies on the use of two different modes to let you take control of the battle field. The first mode is the command mode which allows you to determine where to move your allies using a set number of command points. The second mode is the action mode which allows you to move the selected ally around freely on the map and take action using a set number of action points. Much like other Strategy role playing games there are unit types which each have advantages and disadvantages on the battle field. The unit types include lancers, scouts, shock troopers, engineers, snipers, and the tanks. While the battle mechanics are very unique the game remains true to the Strategy role playing genre thanks to its variety of units. Overall the battle mechanics are one of the game’s strongest points but there are other great game mechanics in Valkyria Chronicles.

Between important missions you can take the time to power up your units by class and upgrade weapons. Levels are applied to an entire class rather than a single unit which gives all units of a single class the same power ups and bonuses. Certain levels will give your units special bonuses such as new commands to use in battle. Each class will come with their own unique set of level bonuses and the levels needed to acquire bonuses will be different from one class to another. Weapons in the game can also be upgraded as you continue through the game. There are three different paths for powering up weapons which are accuracy, effect, and firepower. Between missions you can also pick up side quests, take a look at character information by visiting the barracks, and change your character’s equipment. Many of the side quests are important when it comes to character growth but they still lack the personalized character interactions that most strategy role playing games have. 

The Valkyria Chronicles Remastered has updated graphics to enhance the gaming experience for fans of the game. The graphics in the original release of the game were already high quality for their time but now players will have the chance to experience the game in high definition on the PlayStation 4. The remastering of the graphics created using Sega’s own CANVAS graphics engine is the game’s highlighted feature. The graphics in the game have a beautiful and gentle watercolor look as intended by Sega. The still graphics of the backgrounds blend well with the characters while also helping them stand out. Animations in the game look even more gorgeous than before thanks to the clean and crisp graphics. The animations are even more solid than they were in the original release of the game. The movements in the game are a little more natural and high quality than they were in the original.

The game has very few weak points and presents a unique gaming experience unlike that of any other strategy role playing game. I highly recommend the Valkyria Chronicles Remastered to all fans of strategy RPGs. The remaster features upgraded graphics and comes with all of the previously released downloadable content. The game has unique gameplay mechanics that still remain mostly unmatched. Valkyria Chronicles is one of the strongest strategy role playing games on the market. 

Pros: Beautiful Art, Immersive Story, Unique Gameplay

Cons: Lack of Personalized Character Interaction


SCORE – 90%

This review is based on a digital copy of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on the PlayStation 4 provided by Sega.

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