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Resette’s Prescription ~Book of memory, Swaying scale~ is a fun and unique two dimensional point and click style adventure game filled with a number of complicated puzzles to solve and gadgets to activate. Resette’s Prescription was developed by small Japanese indie developer known as Liz-Arts who is still quite new to the game industry. The game was confirmed for release after it was successfully crowdfunded a few year ago and it went through development for three years. After much success in funding and developing the game it is finally available to PC gamers via Steam. It was released on Steam late May 2016 and includes many great Steam cards and achievements. The game is currently only available in English and Japanese languages at this time.

Resette’s Prescription primarily takes place within the mind of a young boy named Achilles. Ressette and her cat partner Gaede come across the young boy as they wander through the woods but they quickly notice that they are unable to wake him up from his deep sleep. Gaede becomes suspicious that the boy might have a mysterious illness known as sleeping sickness. Resette is a young girl who is able to enter the minds of others in order to help them recover from illness and she is the only one who can save the boy and help him wake up. Resette enters the boys mind to fix the problem but it becomes apparent that it won’t be an easy task since she and Gaede are not welcome there. Resette must search for the affected memories which resemble books and recover them in order to help him wake up. Upon entering his mind they are quickly caught by a part of the boy’s mind which has become interested in finding out what they are doing there. After he leaves they are able to continue their search for the affected memories and they are quick to find it but in order to recover the memory Resette purposefully gets herself sucked into it and their journey within the boy’s memories begins. Inside of the memory she is blocked from progressing further and Resette must solve unique puzzles to open the way. 

The game features a small number of mechanics that are both simple and unique from the basic point and click character movements to the complicated puzzles. In order to command where the character walks you simply click on a part of the path where the boot icon is shown. At certain points in the game you will be presented with obstacles in which you must use your surroundings in a specific way in order to continue through the game. You can take items or activate things in the character’s surroundings by clicking when the feather pen icon appears. Many of the items you will be able to pick up are necessary in solving the complicated puzzles. Each of the puzzles in the game will be different and present you with their own unique challenges and levels of difficulty. It is vital to keep track of everything in your surroundings or it can be easy to miss something important in solving a puzzle. At some points in the game you can also interact with items for climbing or gathering hints to puzzlesThat just about sums up the game mechanics but it doesn’t always take a large number of gameplay mechanics to make a great point and click adventure game. 

Resette features vibrant and detailed art that is hand drawn and water colored to make it appear more like a picture book. The water colored art is drawn in a way that adds a layered look to some objects and even to some of the natural surroundings in the game. There is no movement to the backgrounds but in this game it works well and helps give more focus to the characters who would otherwise not stand out. The characters in the game are brighter and more solid in color but still fit into the world as they were intended to. The art does its job in giving the player beautiful background visuals while also maintaining visual focus on the main characters and important objects in the game. As mentioned before there is no movement or animation to the backgrounds but the characters and certain devices in the game feature animations. Most of the animations in the game don’t leave the same impact as animations in many other recent games but it does its job. The simple animations do in fact work well for this game in particular due to its more casual nature. The simple art and animations give the game an even more relaxed feel regardless of the game’s more serious moments. The graphics are the game’s strongest point and add to the overall casual feel of the game.

Although the game does not feature complex game mechanics or ground breaking graphics it is still a solid and intriguing point and click game. The story is simple but also stands its ground without any sidetracking from the main plot as many other games tend to do. The art is not as clear and colorful as it is in many other anime styled games but it does have a unique charm and highly artistic appeal. The puzzles in the game can be frustrating but also a fun way to build your problem solving skills. Overall the game is very even in its quality between its plot, graphics, and mechanics since no single aspect outshines another. I enjoyed the game quite a bit and the only major issue was the lack of instruction on what to do at certain points of the game but although it was frustrating the feeling of success after figuring out a puzzle was great. I highly recommend this game to fans of fun point and click adventure games as well as those who enjoy a more casual or laid back gaming experience with solvable puzzles.

PROS: Artistic, Humorous Events and Dialogue, Fun Puzzles

CONS: Lack of In-Game Assistance

SCORE 7.5/10

This review is based on a digital copy of Resette’s Prescription ~Book of memory, Swaying scale~ on Steam provided by Sekai Project.

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