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Review written by Misya Danielle

The quirky and humor packed role playing title Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force is available now on the Nintendo Switch.  Advent Dark Force retells the story of the original PlayStation 3 title Fairy Fencer F with additional content such as two new story paths and new characters to give you greater control over the fate of the world. Fairy Fencer F Advent Dark Force was developed by Idea Factory and Compile Heart who are well known for their series Hyperdimension Neptunia. The original release of Fairy Fencer F ADF was published to PS4 late July of 2016 and it was later published to Steam in February of 2017, the Switch release was published late January 2019. The game can be purchased in digital format through the Nintendo eshop. 

The game is set in a fairy tale like world where a battle between a Goddess and an evil God once took place. The God and Goddess have sealed each other away long ago using special weapons containing fairies, these weapons became know as furies and it is said that whoever comes to possess all of them will be granted one wish. The legends surrounding these powerful weapons has brought many people to seek their power, those who come to possess one of these furies are known as fencers. Fencers venture seeking out more of these weapons even at the cost of fighting one another in order to get closer to collecting all of them, some fencers even resort to vile methods to obtain more. a hot headed young man named Fang becomes a fencer by chance, his only driving ambition being the chance to wish for food. Overall the plot remains the same as it was in the original Fairy Fencer F but now their are two other paths that can be taken. You can now choose to side with the vile God or a mysterious new entity known as the evil Goddess, and additionally their are endings for each one of the girls. it is in your hands to determine the path Fang will take and the fate of the world.


The updated gameplay mechanics add a new level of depth and excitement to the game. Battles have been changed to allow up to six party members on the battle field, characters can also be switched out during battle. Battles are turn based and set within the confines of a circular field in which the characters can roam freely on their turn. The player can change the difficulty level to suit their needs, the higher the difficulty the more challenging battles will be. The travel system is world map based rather than open world, you travel from one place to another by clicking on the destination from the world view. Cities and Towns are set up in a similar fashion where you visit shops by clicking on them rather than walking to them.  When it comes to the basics of the game mechanics, if you have played many other Idea Factory titles these game play mechanics can grow incredibly repetitive. Despite the lack of innovation in the overall game play Fairy Fencer F ADF is still a great improvement upon the original, I would like to see them do more innovative things with Fairy Fencer in the future as they did with their Neptunia game series.


The upgraded graphics add a new level of depth and vibrancy to the world and characters that was unrealized in the original. Of course with such a difference in capabilities between the PlayStation 3 and newer game consoles such as the PlayStation 4 the graphics in the original weren't terrible for a PlayStation 3 title. The character designs are good for the most part, some fit in better than others considering the kind of world the game is set in. Harley for example, seemed far more modern than the other characters in both her design and behavior. Tiara's design made her appear soft and delicate, the opposite of her usual snobby and cold attitude. Fang's design fit his care free attitude very well, his hair and outfit give him a bit of a darker look that fits his usual couldn't care less attitude but he also looks heroic enough for his role as the accidental hero of the game. As far as background graphics go it could have been better but considering this is more a remaster than a full remake of the original it isn't too bad, most of the backgrounds are vibrant and fit well into the setting. While the graphics have weaknesses it is not enough to make the game much less enjoyable.


While the game still has weaknesses it is a huge improvement upon the original Fairy Fencer F with its additional content, improved graphics, and new endings. The multiple routes add replay value and add further excitement to the story by allowing the player to influence the ending. Fairy Fencer F  Advent Dark Force is far more playable and enjoyable than the original Fairy Fencer F by a long shot, note that there is some inappropriate content in the game so you will want to play it where your family can't see. If you enjoy the Neptunia game series you will likely enjoy this game too, if you haven't played this game yet it is worth picking up for the story and humor alone.


PROS (+): Multiple Routes, Exciting Gameplay, Humor, Good Story

CONS (-): Characters Fall into Cliches, General Lack of Innovation


SCORE – 7.5/10 

This review is based on a digital copy of Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force on the Nintendo Switch provided by Idea Factory International

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