Captain Herlock. – The endless odyssey – Outside Legend - DVD 1 – The Legend Returns.

Tadashi enjoyed living like a punk on the Planet of Wastes, but when he came home to find his father dead and for mysterious figures looming over his father. The mysterious figures appear to be the corpses of Tadashi's father colleagues failed science expedition. As they attack young Tadashi the infamous and fearless Captain Herlock, one of the few remaining space pirates, saves Tadashi's life and says "If you want to become a real man, board my ship". Seizing the opportunity to avenge his father murder. He joins the crew of the famed space battleship Arcadia as it pursues their strange enemy in attempt to rescue the Promised Land – Earth



Captain Herlock is based on the work of famed anime director Leiji Matsumoto (Star Blazers, Original Comic Space Pirate Captain Herlock). Script work by Sadayuki Muarai (Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress).

With the release of Captain Herlock – The endless odyssey – Outside journey. It revitalizes a lost era so to speak in animation. With Captain Herlock being a throw back of the earlier generation of anime, mostly from the early to mid 80’s. To view new work by the legend Leiji Matsumoto and Sadayuki Muarai is a pleasure in which we should all enjoy.

Captain Herlock starts out like most Saga’s, a troubled youth Tadashi is trying to make a name for himself, willing to fight and perhaps even die to prove that he is no one to mess with. A researcher that uncovers a mysterious race that one tormented the galaxy. Tadashi’s father, the researcher is murdered by those trying to unleash the demon’s of old and torment the galaxy once more. Tadashi, to avenge his father’s brutal demise teams up with another legend. A pirate from the past who’s name still strikes fear into the heart of men, Captain Herlock. However, what good anime saga would exist without an additional enemy, enter the Space Sheriff’s office a group that claims to bring order to the galaxy even if it’s at the cost of innocent human lives. What awaits the brave crew of the famed battleship Arcadia as the fight to stop the enemies of lore and the enemies of today from destroying humanity.

The first DVD in the Outside Legend saga “The Legend Returns” contains four episodes.


1.Blues of the Rubbish Heap

2.For whom the Friend Sleeps

3.The voice calling for Noo from afar

4.Yattaran’s 30-second bet


Blues for the rubbish heap – One of the last remaining space pirates Yuki Kei and hercrew are captured. What of this new threat from the ghost of pasts? Why has the captain Herlock reappeared?

For whom the friend sleeps – Will the police be able to capture Herlock or will elude them yet again? What of the Fata Morgana a ghost ship from a fail expedition? Why is in the Sol system and what are it’s plans for earth?

The voice is calling for Noo from afar – Who or what are the Noo and what are their plans for humanity. Will Tadashi join Herlocks crew? Can he get his vengeance for the death of his father?

Yattaran’s 30-second bet – Will captain Herlock come to the rescue of his comrades and avoid being destroyed by the space sheriff’s office, before it’s too late?

For those familiar with Leiji Matsumoto, whose work includes Galaxy Express 999, Star Blazers/Space Battleship Yamato, Captain Herlock the TV series. The latest release Captain Herlock - The endless odyssey, follows the same style of animation. By far one of the most distinct character and scene stills of any work in the industry. Examples of his work that are original to him, would be the figures of the main characters of the story, they have similar character designs. By this I mean, they’re usually tall and thin, compared to the secondary characters in the story that are usually shorter and chubbier. The scene design is a rich tapestry of depths and colors, from the planetary surfaces to the endless sea of space. One of the nice touches that is unique to Matsumoto’s style is design of the pirate ship Arcadia a mixture of a space battleship with the touch of an old wooden sail ship.

The story for the series seems to be off to a rush start. Without much time for character development, I feel this is partially due to the long following of the Herlock series. However, those new to the universe might appreciate a slower start, giving more detail to the characters and how they evolved. They do a brief background of who Herlock is where he’s from and why he’s in space, but this is not enough. Some of these issues could have been resolved with a few features on the DVD.

The features included with the DVD are Bilingual 5.1 Audio (English and Japanese). Also, 2 streams of English Subtitles: Dialog and signs or signs only. One the biggest disappointments of this DVD would have to be the lack of any bonus features. The only available features were, previews for upcoming Geneon releases and the original Japanese opening. If any additional feature such as original or conceptual art work definitely would have added to the disc. Maybe even with a time line that explains Captain Herlock universe. Character biography’s giving additional information to the characters that make up this universe. The only bonus material that was added to the disc would have to be a poster puzzle card, one piece was included with this DVD and others will be included in following disks.

Even with the lack of any form of special features with the disk, I would have to say based on the anime itself it’s a must for those who are fans of Matsumoto’s work. For those who aren’t really fans of the earlier style of animation then this one might be a good one to rent or at least borrow a copy from someone you know. Hopefully in future disks we’ll see an increase of additional features and find out what will come of the brave crew of the battleship Arcadia.

Animation: 8 / 10
Story: 7 / 10
Audio: 7 / 10
Video: 9 / 10
Extras: 5 / 10
Impact Rating: 7 / 10

Total: 72%

Matt Capranos

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