Several hundred years in the future, Earth's natural resources have been depleted. Sixteen year old, Hajiki Sanada, who works part-time at a moving company called Hachisuka Express, encounters a TECHODE (a kind of humanoid robot) named Lightning.

Hajiki finally gets his chance to complete what is father was attempting. To fly into space, but Katana arrives to spoil things. However, this trip to the heavens holds more to it than just completing his fathers work……..The secret of the gads: this very mysterious stone…..Revelations are made to each of our young hero’s.

The seventh and final disc in the Gad Guard series contains three episodes

Episode 24 – “The will to aspire to the heavens” – A being that appears to be Hajiki’s father is holding on to a thread and it looks as if he won’t survive, but there is so much that Hajiki must know, will he survive? Lightning has begun digging beneath the Island; Hajiki knowing that it’s important to his Technode begins to help, what is lighting looking for?

Episode 25 – “Time for the sky” – A storm is brewing between Hajiki and Katana as the final battle to determine if will be able to make it into space. What of this Gad Nest and Siyuri’s desire to go into space, will Katana’s hatred prevent this from happening?

Episode 26 – “Young Traveler” – Hajiki’s wish to make it into space has come true, but he is on a one way mission into space, for his rocket was never meant to return to earth. As he travels the space graveyard what lies in wait for him and will he be able to return to earth?

The animation for the seven and final disc was identical as the previous six, nothing short of amazing; from each of the characters own unique style to the individual appearance of the Technodes. One characteristic that is noticeable for this series, is that each of the main characters, have different outfits, for normal day use and then for battle attire. In some instances, some of the characters clothing change on a daily basis. The audio for Gad Guard was just plain amazing, with bilingual Audio featuring English 2.0 and Japanese 2.0. With two English subtitle streams dialog and signs or signs only.

The extras for this disc are still slightly disappointing; more so then of the previous discs, they seem to really get skimpy with what bonuses are offered. With the final disc in the Gad Guard series, I would like to have seen some special features other then the standard set. They did include an art gallery on this disc, but it’s been standard for all the previous discs in the series. The only real extra would be the reversible front covers and as an added bonus a small art poster. Finally, upcoming Geneon previews for currently released or upcoming releases and the DVD credits for those who worked diligently to bring this disc to light.

The seventh and final disc in the Gad Guard series, focused on Hajiki’s drive to get into space and his willingness to do what ever it takes as Katana battles to stop him. At long last the secrets of the Gads have been revealed and what they mean to those who were able to use them, a thought that the Gad users used to create their Techodes, was also use create something else, what is it and what does it mean.

Gad Guard was a good series that keeps you coming back for more, watching the last disc makes one feel like their saying good bye to an old friend. The last disc helps to answer the lingering questions that the views have, as to what the Gads are and how the find their way to a Gad user.

Gad Guard, a story about 5 young adults, all coming from different paths in life, but they have some mysterious bond that links them. Each with the ability to turn a Gad (a stone with magical properties) into a Technode, with normal human beings, their emotions of corruption and greed pervert the Gad into a monster bringing death and destruction. What do they have in common, what allows them to turn a Gad into a Technode without being corrupted by its power?

Animation:9/ 10
Story: 9 / 10
Audio: 8 / 10
Video: 9 / 10
Extras: 6 / 10
Impact Rating: 7 / 10

Overall 47/60 or 78%

by Matt Capranos

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