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NIS America is happy to announce that Disgaea 2 PC will be available on Steam January 30, 2017! To celebrate the continuation of the Disgaea series on Steam, Adell, Rozalin, Zetta, and Pleinair from Disgaea 2 will be patched into Disgaea PC! A week long deal starting on August 22 will also be applied for Disgaea PC, Disgaea PC – Digital Art Book, and Disgaea PC: Digital Dood Edition. Additionally, the NISA Online Store will be releasing limited quantities of four special products: a limited edition Disgaea 2 PC art book, a beautiful Disgaea 2 PC desk mat, a new Disgaea PC mousepad, and a standalone completely remixed Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Premium Soundtrack. Each item can be pre-ordered starting today, and ships when Disgaea 2 PC launches on January 30.

About Disgaea 2 PC:

Originally released in North America in 2006 for the PlayStation®2, Disgaea 2 was one of the toprated PS2 games ever, and dialed up the insanity and fun of the Disgaea series with over 200 hours of gameplay. Disgaea 2 PC will be based on the upgraded 2009 release of Disgaea 2 for the PlayStation Portable, and will feature content that never made it to the West in the form of three new characters: Dark Eclair, Gig, and Miabel! This Steam release will also feature additional improvements including an updated UI, keyboard and mouse support, and new keyboard shortcuts when it lands on Windows PCs, Macs, and Steam Machines.

About the Story:

In the world of Veldime, humans once stood proudly atop the food chain. A harmonious balance of nature and civilization created a utopia for all. But utopias are wont to last, and Veldime fell victim to an evil which swept all to ruin - Overlord Zenon’s curse. 

The people of Veldime were transformed to demons, and in the 15 years since the curse descended upon them, their memories of being human have dissipated. Veldime has become a netherworld where demonic shouts echo throughout the land. And now, a ritual to summon Overlord Zenon is about to take place in Holt Village. 

Enter our merry crew. Adell, a young demon hunter sworn to defeat the Overlord. Rozalin, the Overlord’s own daughter, mistakenly summoned in his place. Etna, an assassin from another netherworld seeking Overlord Zenon’s life. These are our adventurers. Wielding traps and devising tactics as demons snarl and gnash their fangs. Let the story begin!

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