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Sekai Project and 4D Door Games are proud to present the English language version of the popular adventure, puzzle game, WILL: A Wonderful World. First released in Chinese in 2017, English language users can now enjoy this game in English as well. The game is now available on Steam for $14.99 with the soundtrack also available as DLC for $7.99or $19.53 (15% OFF) as a bundle and will be coming soon to Playstation 4 in North America and the EU.

Nominated for numerous awards such as the Famitsu Indie Prize, 4Gamer.net Indie Prize, Dengeki Playstation Indie Award at Tokyo Game Show in 2015 among others, WILL: A Wonderful World is a unique adventure game where you have the power to alter the fate of individuals who seek divine intervention for their troubles. However, much like the butterfly effect, a change in one person's fate can have completely different consequences to others.

There is an urban legend...

Write down your troubles on a note and pray. A god shall hear your story as relayed.

People who believe in the legend live all over this world, in every shape and form. They write and pray to the gods, seeking help for their troubles.

A quiet nerd stuck in a hopeless crush.
An impoverished artist contemplating suicide.
A rookie police officer hoping for his first big case.
A young woman desperately chasing her dream.
Even a stray cat who would be satisfied with just some food to eat.

What would the world be like if such a god exists with the power to alter the fate of those that believe in this urban legend? What if, you are that god?

With multiple endings and a diverse cast of characters, WILL: A Wonderful World will keep your attention till the end. There are over 52 Steam Achievements and Trading Cards as well.
Do you have what it takes to guide the goddess, Myth, in her job to answer the pleas of those who write to the gods? Only fate can tell.
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